Order of the Hermetic Mysteries

A Modern School of Ageless Wisdom


Inscribed at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi was the injunction:


This ancient phrase is as important today as it was thousands of years ago.

OHM teaches aspirants to “go within” and discover who they really are.

Through the practice of Ritual, Study, and Meditation, we learn to comprehend the nature of consciousness and how to use it more effectively. This is the core of Our Tradition.

With this knowledge comes a profound understanding of the underlying reality of the universe and of our place in the Divine Plan.

Members of the OHM are taught to understand the importance of daily life in our spiritual pursuits. It is our interpersonal relationships which provide a rich seeding ground for our continued growth. We do not seek an escape to some ethereal reality, but rather to embody the divine nature in our material lives.

It is in making our personalities receptive to the One True Self, that we fulfill the ancient injunction. It is through open hearts and minds that we become clear channels of the divine will and bring healing to the world.

 This is the light of a Hermetic initiate… Are you ready to receive it?